Friday, 30 March 2012

Just Life!

I haven't written a post in a couple of days as I haven't had a minute to get to my computer. Anyways, I'm at the computer now, so thought I'd write a bit about what has been going on! Nothing too exciting, just life!
The kids had parent-teacher-student interviews yesterday. They all did so well! I got to hear how well they're doing in school, they're all near the top of their class in their studies and all of the teachers said they're really nice kids!. As a parent, I love hearing that! After the interviews, we went to McDonalds for a treat. We got home, and I finished the things that were on my to-do-list! YAY!!!! Matt even mailed off our passports! It's such a good feeling now that that's done!
This morning I dropped the kids off at school and I went off to the dentist. I have to say, that I think going to the dentist for me, is one of my most dreaded things to do! I almost called in and cancelled and was going to use a lame excuse like, my vehicle wouldn't start or something. I couldn't lie, so I calmed my nerves and talked myself into going. I showed up at the dentist office and waited patiently to be called in to the room. My appointment was to re-do an old filling. It was so annoying, because I didn't have any cavities, but just an old one that needed some upkeep! The whole time I was thinking that this was a pointless appointment. Anyways, they get me in the chair and give me some freezing. I'm actually fine with freezing; doesn't bother me at all. After that was done, my dentist came at me with a rubber dam! As soon as I saw it, I almost panicked! I can't stand the rubber dam!!! I was trying to be brave though, so I let my dentist and the dental assistant try to attach it to me. First attempt didn't go so well. I have a really bad gag reflex, and was gagging like crazy!!! They quickly pulled it off of me and gave me a moment to regain my composure. It was time for the second attempt. I closed my eyes and tried to keep breathing through my nose. They had it attached to my tooth, and the rubber dam was over my mouth. It was on....for maybe three seconds! Then the gagging started again! My eyes were watering like crazy causing what appeared to be tears to be streaming down my face! They quickly started to take it off of me. I think they were worried that I would gag so much, that I would eventually throw up! It was off and I could breathe again! My poor dentist! I felt so bad!!! My dentist just laughed, and told me it wasn't a big deal, we'll do it without the dam! Thank goodness!!! As I was sitting there, though, I was listening to the chair beside me and there was a child there who was maybe three or four, who was absolutely fine with everything that the dentist was doing! I'm 32, and almost threw up over a cavity! Gotta love it!
It's now just about 8:00 and I'm ready to get my pjs on! I'm ready to sit down and watch the rest of the Canucks game with Matt. I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?

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