Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hello World!

I am married with three children and work full time out of the home. After my day of work, taking care of my children, sports, meals, laundry and all of the other daily activities that need to be taken care of, I feel that there is not a lot left of me to give. I have thought about blogging for some time, and decided to give it a go. I'm hoping by sharing the events of my day, it will give me time to reflect on the good moments of the day and appreciate all that I have. I look forward to hearing from other moms on how they stay organized and SANE as they get through their busy weeks! Today was a really good day! I am fortunate enough to have every second Friday off of work. I began the day by getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. On our way, we stopped for some coffee for me and some treats for the kids to bring to school. They were super excited about that! I then spent some time cleaning my house and enjoying some quiet time! I had a lunch date planned with one of my was so lovely!!! By the time we had finished chatting about all of the recent events in our lives, it was time to go home to meet the kids at the bus! After hearing about their days, it was time to move on to the evening activities! It was actually a fairly quiet day at our home! My daughter had dance, but the other two didn't have any sports today! It was very nice to just have to drive to ONE place instead of 2 or 3! I love that my kids are involved, but sometimes I really appreciate the quiet days!!

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