Friday, 21 December 2012

Toothless grin....with a message

Last weekend, the kids and I decided to do some Christmas baking. Before we could start, we had to run to our local grocery store to grab a few ingredients. As we pulled into the parking lot, we noticed a man sitting on the edge of the sidewalk close to the front door. He sat there with his dog and was looking at the ground. At first glance, he appeared unkempt and untidy. The kids voiced a few concerns as they were a bit worried about walking past him. I told them that he was fine and that he was a regular person just like all of us. We walked past and I greeted him with a friendly hello and asked him how his day was. He replied with a toothless grin! We grabbed our few groceries and got in the line to pay. The lady in front of us was in the process of buying a gift card for the man who was sitting outside. We smiled at the lady and told her how nice it was that she was buying this for this man. She purchased a $50.00 grocery card. As she was leaving, she turned back to us, gave the gift card to Anna, and told Anna that she could give it to him. This lady was doing something so kind for another person, and was not requesting any recognition for it. Anna was ecstatic that she was able to pass this on to him. We went outside, stopped where the man was sitting, and Anna proceeded to tell him that a lady had purchased this gift for him. She handed it over and the man was overjoyed!  He kept saying thank you over and over again. We wished him a Merry Christmas and jumped in the van to drive home. As we pulled out of the parking lot, this lovely man, who at first glance, may not look like the loveliest man, waved until we could no longer see him. We felt so lucky that we were able to pass on a wonderful gift and to experience the happiness that this person felt.
Today, being the last day of school and noon dismissal, I took the kids out for lunch. We had finished eating and were walking outside to our van, when we saw the same man walking towards us. He recognized us right away! We stopped and chatted with him. He had just received new dentures today....he was so happy with them and showed them off proudly. He told us that his fridge had broken yesterday and that he would be going to his mother's house for Christmas dinner. Just small chit chat with a person who may not have a lot of people to talk to. We parted ways again with wishes of a Merry Christmas.
This man, who appeared a bit rough around the edges, showed us the importance of never judging a book by its cover. I have tried to teach this lesson to my children, but hopefully now, they will truly believe it and it's all thanks to a toothless man with a big heart. Merry Christmas!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Wish

I once again have not been on the computer much! Sorry for not blogging. I feel compelled to write today, though, as I watch and listen to the horrifying events that took place in Connecticut today. My heart is breaking for that community and the whole entire world. I don't understand how senseless events like this one keep happening. As a parent, I could not imagine getting a phone call that my child was killed while in a place that is supposed to be safe. Just heart wrenching. My heart goes out to the parents who won't be holding their child tonight, who won't be able to wrap their arms tight around them  and won't be able to give them one last kiss.

In 11 days it will be Christmas. This Christmas season, I hope that people will focus on the true meaning of the season. If I had one Christmas wish, it would be that people in the world could look beyond themselves, and out into the world. My wish would be that kindness would overtake inhumanity, senseless cruelty, anger and meanness. I have written previous posts about kindness, and I truly believe that it could change the world! Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if strangers said hello, a wave was passed between friends and love was exhibited in every action that was taken? Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if laughter and smiles were exchanged between families? Wouldn't the world be a beautiful place if people had empathy and understanding and gratitude and approached each day with the goal to be kind.....what a wonderful world it would be!

Tonight, as I sit and talk with my children, I will be holding them tighter. This world is a beautiful, wonderful place, but there's a lot of room for improvement! Try, this holiday season, to go out of your comfort zone, reach out to others, and to spread a message of hope, love and peace......what more could the world need?

 “People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”
Mother Teresa

Friday, 5 October 2012

One lucky momma...

The sun is shining and it's Friday...what more could you ask for!!!! What a beautiful way to start the weekend.
This week, like all other weeks, has been busy. No surprise there! I went for some blood work at the end of last week and went for a bone scan on Tuesday. I, being super nosy, decided to look up the results of my blood work online...not such a good idea! The blood work showed up as being out of range???? I have no idea what that means, I just know that it's not normal! Oh well. I haven't received a call from my doctor so I'm assuming it's completely fine. I was extremely nervous for the bone scan. I woke up at 5:45 Tuesday morning to get ready to go the Abbotsford Hospital. I registered at the desk and waited for them to call my name. The whole time I was sitting there, I dreaded what was to come. My name was called, and I reluctantly trudged into the room. The technician told me to lay down on the bed and explained to me the process. I layed down and this big machine started moving. It came right around my head and came a few centimetres away from my face. I am extremely claustrophobic....I shut my eyes tight and was just praying that it would end soon! It felt like I was in a coffin. I had my arm out beside me and the technician injected radioactive fluid into my arm! It was crazy!!! Once that was done, I needed to leave for a couple of hours and then return to have the scan completed. I came back, completed the 45 minute scan, and was on my way. Now I just have to wait seven to ten days for results. I'm very impatient, so the wait is killing me!
Since I've been off work, the kids have been really helpful around the house. They've offered to help clean and do some chores that they don't normally do. Recently, Adam has been offering to do a lot for me. The other day, after he offered to help, I told him how appreciative I was. I asked him why he kept asking if I needed anything. He said to me, " Mom, I know that you're back and neck are very sore and that you aren't able to do a lot of things. I need to do acts of service and this is my way of doing it". I was blown away! I always talk to my kids about helping others and thinking of others, but never know if they really understand and truly get it. It made my heart smile to hear him talk about acts of service. I am one lucky momma!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Just a post!

Life is so crazy! September started with a bang and we're just starting to get back into a routine! Anna and Caleb are in soccer and we just registered Anna in Acro as well. Adam has decided to just play school sports this year. Our week for sports involves dance Monday night, soccer Tuesday and Wednesday nights and then two games on Saturdays. This is the first year that our boys aren't playing hockey. I have to say, it's kind of strange not being at the rink and being a part of it. I do miss watching them play and being a part of hockey! I have to say though, that I am loving how much more time we have! I don't miss the 6 am practices before school and the constant practices and games! I love that this year, every Sunday can be a family day as there are no sports! Yay!
I am still off work. It's almost surreal how much time I've had at home. It has been so long since I've been a  'stay-at-home' mom. I had a doctors appointment last week and was sent for an assessment with another doctor. It looks like I may have no, or very little, functioning muscles in my lower back....kind of scary! I go for a bone scan next Tuesday. In some ways, I'm hoping that something shows up so that we can deal with it, but in other ways, I don't want anything to show up cause that can be a bit overwhelming! Oh well! We'll just have to wait and see!
Last weekend, Matt and I were able to get away for a night to Whistler with some friends. This is the first time we've been to Whistler...I know..crazy hey, since we live so close!!!! Anyways, we loved it!! It is so beautiful! I loved sitting in the village and just people watching! I love to see the different fashions that people wear and just the complete mix of people! LOVE it!!!! I can't wait to bring the kids there one day!
Matt is away for a few days. Adam is in grade 7 and each year, the grade 7 class goes on an outdoor education trip. Matt had the chance to go as well as a volunteer! They are having a blast! I love that Matt gets to be a part of it and that Adam wants him to be there with him! I feel very fortunate that our kids still love having us involved in their lives. Everyone keeps saying that it will come to an end eventually....I hope not, though! I know that, as they grow, of course they'll want their freedom and independence. I know that they'll want to be with their friends more than they want to be with us. I hope, though, that they will always want to confide in us and talk with us. I hope, because our family is so important to us, the kids will feel the same way!

Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm Back!!!!!

I'm back to the blogging world.....well, kind of! I haven't written a blog post in quite a while! Sorry! I have been off work since the end of July on medical leave due to my neck. I was told to stay off computers as it aggravated it so much! Because of that, I have not blogged! But here I am! I wrote this up and got Matt to type it for me...thanks Matt!
I guess I should recap a bit of what's been going on in the last couple of months! I guess I'll start with me going off work. I went to work the last week of July just in agony! My neck was so stiff, I could barely move! I made a doctors appointment and the decision was made to take me off work to go to physio and try and figure out what the heck is wrong with my neck! I was in a car accident when I was 18, and have been in continual pain ever since. It just got to the point where it was unbearable. I was sent for x-rays to see if there was an undetected injury from that accident. My doctor thought that there may have been a fracture that was never diagnosed.....thank goodness there wasn't! Something showed up on the x-ray....don't ask me what as I don't understand doctors lingo! Ever since, I have been going to physio to try and get better! Not too sure if it's working, though :(  There have been many mornings where Matt has to help me get out of bed cause I'm so super sore!!!  There have been days where I can't move to turn the alarm off. It's a very strange feeling to be laying in the bed, hearing the alarm blaring and knowing that you need to turn it off, but your body will not let you move! Oh well! It has to improve at some point!
Although it's a total bummer to have an injury like this, it has been nice to have some time off. I was able to enjoy the kid's summer vacation with them! I so much enjoy being a stay at home mom! I keep telling Matt that I wish this could be my life forever...minus the pain of course! We have had lazy mornings sitting together watching cartoons. We were able to spend sunny days outdoors and were able to spend some time with family! It was lovely! Since I wasn't working, we were able to spend some time in Beachwood with great friends of ours! We spent a couple of weekends out there this summer!
The kids are now back in school! It's amazing how much chaos comes with the beginning of school and all of their activities! Sports has started, PAC meetings, fundraising..the list goes on and on! It's great, though and I feel so fortunate that I get to be there for it! I have been able to drop my kids off at school every morning and pick them up at the end of the day! When I'm working, I don't have the chance to do it so I'm cherishing every moment that I can!
This past weekend, I went out with my sister and her kids and did a fun photo shoot! Since I've been off work, I've had a bit more time to get into photography which is one of my passions! We had a blast doing it! I would love to maybe one day do photography on a more regular basis...

Thanks to all of you who still follow my blog! I hope to get back at it regularly very soon! I'll leave you with some pics of the fun photo shoot that I did with my sister! Thanks Jodi!