Monday, 3 March 2014

EEK!!! Yes, it's been a really long time once again since I've blogged!!! Life, and it's business, has gotten the better of me and I have not taken the time to write! I'm making another attempt to take the time to write....hopefully I don't bore you to death!

This weekend was full of snow, snow ball fights and staying up late. We don't usually get a ton of snow so we are always pleasantly surprised when it comes! The snow started falling Saturday night and kept going strong right through to Sunday evening. I kept measuring the snow with a ruler and at one point, it was up to 33 cm! Craziness!!! We shoveled the driveway about five times...well Anna and I did because Matt and Adam were in Vancouver for the Heritage Classic Hockey game and Caleb was too busy playing in the basement....hmm?? We were watching the snow and praying that it would continue long into Monday in the hopes of having a snow day! Around 9:00 we looked out our window and the snow had turned to rain. My hopes for a snow day were slowly dwindling but I still held onto the dream ! I mean, really, we NEVER get this much snow! We went off to bed and I waited for the alarm to ring. I woke up, ran to my computer with bleary eyes and saw the best news ever! The school was closed!!!! Whew! I love unexpected days where you get to lay around in your pj's, drink coffee and have some quiet before the kids get up. Those are my best mornings....especially when Matt does a special Tim's run for me!!!!
The kids and I enjoyed our day together. They played outside, we watched a movie and just spent the day being lazy. It was a nice change to our usually very hectic schedule.
I'm looking out the window now and the ground is still covered in snow but I know life will begin again tomorrow. The alarm will ring and I won't be running to the computer in the hopes of another snow day. We enjoyed the one we had and are now looking forward to Spring!!!