Friday, 30 March 2012

Just Life!

I haven't written a post in a couple of days as I haven't had a minute to get to my computer. Anyways, I'm at the computer now, so thought I'd write a bit about what has been going on! Nothing too exciting, just life!
The kids had parent-teacher-student interviews yesterday. They all did so well! I got to hear how well they're doing in school, they're all near the top of their class in their studies and all of the teachers said they're really nice kids!. As a parent, I love hearing that! After the interviews, we went to McDonalds for a treat. We got home, and I finished the things that were on my to-do-list! YAY!!!! Matt even mailed off our passports! It's such a good feeling now that that's done!
This morning I dropped the kids off at school and I went off to the dentist. I have to say, that I think going to the dentist for me, is one of my most dreaded things to do! I almost called in and cancelled and was going to use a lame excuse like, my vehicle wouldn't start or something. I couldn't lie, so I calmed my nerves and talked myself into going. I showed up at the dentist office and waited patiently to be called in to the room. My appointment was to re-do an old filling. It was so annoying, because I didn't have any cavities, but just an old one that needed some upkeep! The whole time I was thinking that this was a pointless appointment. Anyways, they get me in the chair and give me some freezing. I'm actually fine with freezing; doesn't bother me at all. After that was done, my dentist came at me with a rubber dam! As soon as I saw it, I almost panicked! I can't stand the rubber dam!!! I was trying to be brave though, so I let my dentist and the dental assistant try to attach it to me. First attempt didn't go so well. I have a really bad gag reflex, and was gagging like crazy!!! They quickly pulled it off of me and gave me a moment to regain my composure. It was time for the second attempt. I closed my eyes and tried to keep breathing through my nose. They had it attached to my tooth, and the rubber dam was over my mouth. It was on....for maybe three seconds! Then the gagging started again! My eyes were watering like crazy causing what appeared to be tears to be streaming down my face! They quickly started to take it off of me. I think they were worried that I would gag so much, that I would eventually throw up! It was off and I could breathe again! My poor dentist! I felt so bad!!! My dentist just laughed, and told me it wasn't a big deal, we'll do it without the dam! Thank goodness!!! As I was sitting there, though, I was listening to the chair beside me and there was a child there who was maybe three or four, who was absolutely fine with everything that the dentist was doing! I'm 32, and almost threw up over a cavity! Gotta love it!
It's now just about 8:00 and I'm ready to get my pjs on! I'm ready to sit down and watch the rest of the Canucks game with Matt. I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Frazzled Wednesday!

I  have to admit that I'm a bit frazzled today. It's Wednesday, the middle of the week, and I am EXHAUSTED!!! The commitments with work, kids, family, sports, dance etc, etc, etc, seem to be catching up with me! I am working hard on trying to keep it all balanced. I know that sometimes in everyone's lives, life can become overwhelming with the amount of tasks that need to be completed. At times, it feels like everything piles up at once, and it's hard to manage it all. I know that this will pass, and life will calm down again, but when you're right in the middle of the chaos, it can be so insane! 
In order to try and gain some control, or at least a sense of control, I have written a 'to-do-list'. This list contains every little thing that needs to be done before the weekend. This list includes everything from making lunches, paying bills to sending off passport applications. I'm hoping that by looking at the list, and checking each thing off as it's done, I will feel sooooo much better!!! I have to say, even making the list has made a huge difference!
As tomorrow is Thursday, and I'm off on Friday, my goal is to have everything done and finished by Friday afternoon. This will guarantee that my weekend is somewhat free and organized! I'm looking forward to a fun filled weekend with the family!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Vintage Boutiques!

I love fashion.....well my own sense of fashion! I love hitting second hand stores, vintage boutiques and garage sales. I love the feeling of hunting for something and being so excited when I find something that is awesome! When I was a stay-at-home mom, I would hit these places on a weekly basis. I would pack up the kids, and off we'd go on our adventures. I'd often come home with super cool clothes, nick nacks or even furniture! Not so sure how much Matt loved this! I would browse through racks and piles of items searching for something that was different or unique. I would get all excited when I found something and then of course, the kids would be excited too!
I don't have as much time as I used to, but I still love doing this! This past weekend, we all went out to hit a few second hand stores. I was searching and exploring as was everyone else. I think it's so neat that my kids enjoy doing this as much as I do. Well, not too sure if they like it as much as me, but they seem to enjoy it. I found a few unique pieces that I'm really looking forward to wearing. I love that the chances of someone having the same thing as me, is very unlikely and I like wearing something that's just a little bit different! I think it's amazing that I can buy things at such an affordable price, that I love!
I remember a few years ago, Matt and I spent a night in Vancouver. Spending time in Vancouver is definitely one of my favourite activities. Anyways, whenever we go into the city, we always pop into the stores that we don't usually get to go into. There are so many fun and neat stores, that it can take us almost the whole day to explore. We went into one of the stores, and as usual, I was trying to find a bargain. I'm a big lover of jeans, so I automatically went to that section. Bear in mind, this was not a second hand store. I found a few that I really liked, and was thinking of possibly buying a pair or two, that is, until I looked at the price tags! They ranged in price form anywhere between $500 and $800.00. I was shocked! I always thought that $100.00 was a lot of money for jeans! Seeing that made me very happy that I enjoy thrifting....I think it made Matt happy, too! I think for now, I'll stick with my second hand stores, vintage boutiques and garage sales!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bouquet of Roses

What a beautiful day! Spring has definitely arrived and I am loving it! I started the day by working a few hours of was really hard getting up soooo early on a Saturday, but the OT went well! I was home by 11:15 in the morning, and we had the rest of the day to enjoy! Matt came home around noon, and in his hand, was a beautiful bouquet of roses. I've had a bit of a rough week, and he went out of his way to cheer me up and to show that he cares! It was so sweet and I love how he thinks of me! After feeding the kids lunch,  Matt washed the van and took the kids for a bike ride. While he was doing that, I was fortunate enough to grab a half hour nap. I really needed it! Once I woke up, I did a quick clean of the house, and off we went! We decided to take the kids out for dinner as they had all received excellent report cards a couple of weeks ago. After that, we went up to Cultus Lake. It was gorgeous up there. The water was so still and it was so quiet. The kids skipped rocks and played on the dock. It was a wonderful way to spend a Spring evening. We were driving home around 8:15 when Matt said to me, "wow, we're sure pulling a late one". I had to laugh! I guess we're starting to show our age lol! We're usually in our pjs chilling around the house at that time of the night!

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of Spring break for the kids. I have enjoyed not having to make school lunches and not getting the kids off to school in the morning. We have one more day to enjoy, before reality starts again. I think we'll make the most of it tomorrow!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Style....or lack of it!

My kids and I have many conversations that revolve around clothes! They seem to think that I have no style and I don't know what's 'cool'. It makes me laugh! I think I have a great sense of style as I walk around in my flared jeans, big comfy sweaters and my hair pulled back into a pony tail. Apparently, I'm supposed to wear skinny jeans and leggings and have my hair 'done'. My kids are constantly saying that I dress like a hippie. A few months ago, I thought that I would entertain the idea of buying a pair of skinny jeans. I went to the store with every intention of buying a pair. I pulled them off the rack and went into the dressing room. I was all prepared to put them on and fall in love. I pictured images of women parading around in their skinny jeans looking beautiful. So there I was, in the change room, with the skinny jeans on. I prepped myself before looking in the mirror. I took one look, and gasped! Oh my goodness!!! These are definitely NOT for me! I came out and told my daughter that there was not a chance that I was going to buy these! They're just going to have to be content with me in my flares!!!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Busy times!

Wow! What a crazy, busy day! I am exhausted!!! As I sit down on the computer thinking about the day, I started to think about the time in our lives when we had really small children and I was a stay at home mom. I remember being so poor and not having an extra cent to our name. In many ways, life is still like that lol, but we have definitely come a long way! I remember scouring the couch cushions for change and having to ask my parents once for a few dollars so that I could buy a jug of milk. I definitely had to swallow my pride in that moment. I remember waiting desperately for it to be payday and being so thankful when it finally came! As I think about those times, I also remember how I was willing to do almost ANYTHING to bring in a few extra dollars for the family. I used to read the newspaper like crazy, trying to find any work that I could do from home. I once came across an ad for stuffing envelopes. I remember reading it and thinking, this must be too good to be true! I don't know if I was desperate, or naive; maybe I was a bit of both but I convinced Matt to let me send $100.00 to order this package. At the time, $100.00 was a lot of money for us to spend! I waited anxiously everyday for the mail to come. I could not wait for this to arrive! I really thought that I could do this and I could really make a lot of money! The day finally came when the package arrived! I sat down and opened it with such anticipation and excitement. Was I ever disappointed when I saw what was inside! Basically, the whole concept of stuffing envelopes involved a lot of mailing out stuff things for people to buy; including homemade jewelry. It definitely was not just stuffing envelopes and getting paid for it. I was heart broken to say the least and kind of felt taken! When I look back on the memory, though it makes me laugh! I love how I truly believed that I could do this! I loved how I trusted what the ad said in the newspaper, never believing that the advertisement was completely false!!! I love how Matt agreed to let me try! I love how, when telling a friend about it, who was also a stay at home mom, she said that she did the same thing!!! Too funny! I wonder how many other stay at home moms attempted to bring in some extra cash by stuffing envelopes? I wonder if anyone actually made any money doing it?
                                           A picture of the kids when they were small!
We're now at a stage in our lives where I no longer have to look for odd jobs like that. We still have to work hard for our money and we still wait anxiously for payday. We have bills like crazy, a mortgage, school to pay for, know, the everyday costs of life! I love looking back on the memories of the early days and the many different things we tried just so that I could stay home! Some of the ideas were crazy, some of them worked, most of them didn't, but it lead us to where we are today!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Break

Anna is coming home tonight! As it is Spring Break, she was invited to spend two nights with my cousin and her three little girls. Anna was so excited and was really looking forward to it! I was glad that she got to go and had the chance to spend some time with just girls! Having two brothers, sometimes the activities in our home are geared more towards them, than they are for her. She got to watch girly movies, make cupcakes and spend some time with a little baby. I'm sure that Anna loved every minute of it!
I'm surprised at how much I've missed her and how anxious I am to see her! Without Anna at home, it has completely changed the dynamics. I miss sitting with her in the evening and talking about her day. I miss her helping me around the house and I miss just having her here to cuddle with. I am a very lucky mom to have a daughter like her. She'll be home in about an hour and I can't wait!
While she was away, I texted my cousin to check on how everything was going. Everything was going great, and my cousin was enjoying having Anna there. She replied with such a nice text stating "it's nice to see how much Anna loves you and she hopes that her girls love her that much when they are older". It was so nice to hear that Anna conveyed such a love of her parents to others!
I sometimes think what it would be like if we didn't have children. At times, I imagine Matt and I travelling and exploring the world. I imagine us living in a big beautiful home and having nice things, but there's so much more to life than that! I could not imagine a world where I'm not greeted at the end of a work day with big smiles and stories about their day, a world woken up with good mornings and kisses, a world where I didn't get to tuck my kids into bed at night. I'm a pretty lucky mom!

Monday, 19 March 2012


The other day, the kids and I had a discussion about kindness. We were talking about their friends and who plays with who at recess and lunch. We ended up talking about a few kids in their classes who don't seem to have a lot of close friends and are often times walking around by themsleves. This brought up the conversation about the importance of including everyone and ensuring that no one feels left out. My kids said that they will often say hi to these students. However, Adam, Anna and Caleb said that these students seem to not want to play with all of the other kids when they're outside. This began the big discussion! I thought it was very important to explain that these children may possibly be extremely shy and may not know how to join in with a group of close friends. We talked about what a difference it might make if everyday, students said hello to them and invited them to join in on their activities. We talked about how, for some children, it doesn't come easily, or naturally, to make friends and a bit of effort from others who do feel comfortable, can go a long way. I asked my own children how they would feel if they went to school everyday and no one talked to them. I think it made them stop for a moment and to evaluate their own roles and responsibilities. They are very fortunate that they all have close friends and are always included. Because of this, I asked my kids to make a concerted effort to go out of their way to show kindness.

As a parent, one of the main values that I want to instill in my children, is kindness. I want them to grow into adults that are are willing to take a stand for social justice and are willing to take a step forward in reaching out to others.  I am a firm believer that kindness can change the world and everyone has a responsibilty to take part!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday Sleep!

It's Saturday! I love Saturdays! The chance to laze around, stay in pj's a bit longer and drink lots of coffee! We don't have any sports this weekend as they are over for the season. We have a two week break before Spring leagues start, and I am going to take advantage of it. I was planning on sleeping in today, but it didn't really happen as planned.  The alarm was set for 7:15 because Matt had to get up. I turned the alarm off, woke him up and rolled back over hoping to get at least another hour in of sleep. At 7:40, the cat started pulling my hair to let her outside. I got up, let the cat out and crawled bak into bed. I had just closed my eyes, and was falling back asleep, when my 8 year old son and my 6 year old nephew, wandered into my room wanting pancakes. It was now 8:00. I guess that was my sleep in! Oh well, it beats getting up at 6 I guess!
I have to leave the house in a bit to drive my nephew home and to pick up Adam and Anna who are sleeping over at their cousins house. I'll come home to wait for our Korean students friend to be picked up by his homestay family. After that, I'll drive our student to another friend's house for a birthday party. Once that is done, we have a bit of a free afternoon! Yay! I'm thinking a day of reading books, playing games and hanging out is in order! Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


It's snowing!!!! Crazy! I looked out my window as I was cleaning up the dinner dishes, and the snow was coming down! It looks beautiful, but it's March! I need some sunshine!

I came home today to a very clean house; I think it may have to do a bit with a big discussion that we had in our house! When I walked in the door yesterday, the house was a disaster. Dinner still needed to be prepared, the kids hadn't started on their homework, we needed to go out to soccer and I needed to get some laundry done. There were backpacks, shoes and clothes from one end of the house to the next. The kids were all laying around playing video games or on their Ipods. As I started to prepare dinner, I had all the kids sit at the kitchen table to start their homework. Since I had all of their attention, I brought up the subject of chores. The kids usually have chores that they need to do everyday, but for some reason, decided not to do them yesterday. I explained to them that as a family, everyone needs to pitch in and help. I explained that it is impossible for Matt and I to do everything and in order for the house to run smoothly, they needed to do their part. There first reaction was to complain! Of course, the response was , none of my friends have to do chores. I very quickly let them know that I am not concerned about what activities their friends do or don't do, but am concerned about my own children's activities. After a few more comments and attempts at arguing, they stopped and listened to what I had to say. After explaining the roles that every family member has in contributing the household, they seemed to get it. They all helped with the clean up after dinner and offered to help with some of the laundry. They must have remembered our discussion, as the house is clean today!

As a working parent, it can be very overwhelming to walk into the house after working all day, and see utter chaos and mess. I don't expect my home to be spotless, but I do expect a bit of help and for the kids to take a bit of responsibility for cleaning up after themselves. Since going back to work full-time, I think it has forced me to be more assertive in the expectations that I have for my children. In turn, it has given them the opportunity to be more responsible and for them to see how working together can make a huge difference! It has provided them the opportunity to actively participate in the runnings of daily life. I hope their enthusiasm for cleaning continues and that they see the difference that it makes. Just 15 minutes a day of chores, allows me to have more time to spend with them, which in the end, is the ultimate goal! Thanks kids!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rainy Sunday

Another rainy day in the Wack. We have already done our grocery shopping for the week, went to the dollar store for some paints so that Adam could finish his homework, went to Future Shop, my moms house and Matt has taken Caleb to Hope for the last game of his hockey tournament. It's been a busy Sunday so far. I'm at home again with a mountain of laundry in front of me! I think laundry is my most dreaded never seems to end!
I think when Matt gets home, we're going to have a cozy day inside. Maybe rent a couple of movies and curl up on the couch under some blankets with some popcorn. It feels like a stay inside kind of a day! As much as the rain can get to you after a while,  rainy days give you permission to stay indoors and do nothing! Although I am very much looking forward to spring, I am going to take advantage of the weather today, and relax!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ready for it...

This weekend the clocks spring ahead an hour. I know we'll lose an hour of sleep, but we'll gain more hours of sunlight! I am looking forward to warm days and the fun that comes along with it.I am looking forward to the season of Spring! I am so ready for it! I am ready for daffodils and tulips and pretty things popping out of the ground! I am ready for adventures that come along with staying outside longer and exploring the outdoors. I am ready for back yard bbq's and get togethers with fabulous friends. I am ready to start dreaming of camping trips and fire pits.'s almost here!

Friday, 9 March 2012


The weekend is here!!!! I am feeling much better, thank goodness!!! I drove into the driveway after work, and was greeted with my youngest child looking out the window waiting for me! He was peeking through the blind, and when I drove in, his face lit up with the biggest can't get much better than that! What a great way to start the weekend.
My daughter has her semi-final game tonight for soccer. I'll be heading out in a few minutes to take her there. We're very excited for the game and hoping for a win! The team has worked so hard to get this far! Before going to soccer, we'll be dropping Adam off at his friend's house for a sleepover and Matt will be taking Caleb to his hockey tournament in Hope. Another busy weekend ahead, but would not want to spend it any other way! I truly enjoy watching my kids play the games that they love.
Life is crazy busy, and we are constantly running from one event to the next, but what more could I ask for? The kids are happy, they are involved with their community and Matt and I get to sit back and watch them grow! How lucky are we?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Under The Weather...

Sick day today. I really don't like being sick. I went home early yesterday due to the flu, and am home again today. Whenever I am sick, I always struggle with calling in.  The guilt always kicks in. It made me wonder, do many working moms have the same feeling? Having three children, I try and save sick days for the times that I need to be home with them, which often causes me to go into work when I'm under the weather. It can be very tricky balancing it all!
I guess this post is about a working moms guilt; guilt about calling in sick to work, guilt about going to work and leaving a sick child in the care of someone else and guilt about maybe sending your child to school when they're not feeling the best because you have to go to work and you feel like there aren't any other options. I've talked to many people about this, and so many have the same struggles! I think, as moms, we need to realize that we're doing the best that we can. The majority of families have two parents that work outside of the home. The reality is, that kids get sick and so do parents! I think it's important to erase the guilt, and just accept that some days, you're going to have to call in!
As a working mom, it is very important to me that I'm still there for my kids when they need me. I know that it is inevitable that I will miss some of their games, their speech contests in school, sports days; activities that are held during school hours. I try and make most after school activities to show my support and to be involved in their lives. So far, it seems to be working out pretty well!
Moms have so much to balance that I think sometimes our conscience condemns us to feelings of guilt and feelings of falling short when we are unable to acheive what is expected. Is guilt one of the secrets of a working mom?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Social Media at Twelve?

I was sitting with my kids last night in the living room having some down time before bed. We were chatting about their day at school and what they were looking forward to the next day. During our conversation, the topic of Facebook came up. My twelve year old son Adam, asked me if he could create an account. My immediate reaction was No Way!! His response was, almost all of my friends have it! I forced myself not to reply with the age old response, "if you're friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off too?". I listened to his reasons as to why he wants one. One of the reasons was that a classmate of his is going back to Korea soon, and it would be a good way to keep in contact. By the end of the conversation it was left that I would think about it, and let him know. I have thought about it quite a bit and have come to the conclusion, that I just don't think it's appropriate yet for his age. Am I too overprotective? I just feel that they are already so bombarded with electronics and social media, do they really need to be on Facebook at twelve? I have to admit, I quite enjoy the interaction of Facebook and love how it allows me to keep in contact with so many people, but I'm 32. I think at twelve, maybe he should be outside skateboarding and playing basketball, not glued to Facebook. I guess we'll be having the conversation tonight that he's not allowed to get it yet!
It actually quite surprises me the amount of time kids are using electronics and social media to communicate. My kids have video games and Adam has an Ipod, but we do monitor the amount of time they're using these devices. Last night, Adam's Ipod needed to be charged so it was sitting in the living room attached to the charger. Around 10:20 pm, it starts blaring like crazy! Matt goes over to check it out, and it's a friend of his trying to facetime him. It's 10:30 at night! I was shocked! Shouldn't this child be sleeping? Matt texted this child back stating "Adam is sleeping". The response was, "yea right"! Matt and I could not believe it! We didn't respond to the text, but discussed the reality of today's world. It is a reality that technology is so advanced and kids are of course, going to be using this technology, but as parents, should we still not have some control over what our children are doing and what they are being exposed to? Shouldn't we be aware that our children are texting at 10:30 on a school night at an age when sleep is so important? So many things to question and to evaluate. I'm sure most parents are doing the very best that they can in a world that seems to battle parents every step of the way. I try and make the best decisions that I can and hope that one day, my kids will understand why!
Pink Lily Lilium sp Single Flower 1916px
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Thoughts for the Day!

I've had a few people over the last few days ask me why I decided to start a blog. My answer was, because I wanted to! As I think about it, though, it has been a great way for me to focus on what's important and to look at the bright moments of the day! It has allowed time for me to write my thoughts and have a few moments of peace! So far, I have loved every minute of it!!
Today was a bit of a crazy day! Up at 6:00, kids at the bus by 7:05 and I was sitting at my desk by 7:30. Work was fine and I was back home by 4:45. At about 4:20, I received a text message from Matt saying that Caleb was in tears and devastated! Caleb is obsessed right now with his DSI and his action replay. I guess his action replay broke, and he felt like the world had ended. I pulled into the driveway and consoled a sobbing 8 year old. I was getting out of my work stuff while trying to hug a crying child and telling him that everything would be fine. Gave dinner to the kids and then helped all three with their homework. Anna was supposed to have her semi-final game for soccer, but it was postponed until Friday. All of the kids have showered and are ready for another day! Whew! I still have a pile of laundry to do and floors to vaccuum, but thought I would take a bit of a break!
As I sat at my computer, I took a moment to breathe, and started to think. I looked at myself, and thought how the heck do some
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moms do it?? My hair is pulled back into a ponytail, no makeup on, some old jeans and a pullover sweater. Definitely not gorgeous or made up! I sometimes see moms walking around dressed to the nines; their makeup perfect and not a hair out of place! I'm most definitely not a fancy person and I never wear makeup, but I would still like to know their secret. I like that I'm not scared to get dirty with my kids and I like that, most of the time, I'm quite content in my blue jeans but I still sometimes wonder how it's done? I guess for now, I'll just have to wonder!

And so it begins...

We're now home from the Baptism, dinner is done, dishes cleaned, school lunches prepared and clothes all ready for the morning.I have to say this weekend was great, although it went by way too fast! I enjoyed spending time indoors listening to the rain pour down and the wind howl. I enjoyed watching movies with my family and spending time with cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews today.
I am all prepared for the upcoming week! I always struggle Sunday nights, though. I know that the reality is that I'll be setting my alarm and waking up at the crack of dawn. I know that I'll be rushing around in the morning ensuring that all of the kids have had their breakfast and brushed their teeth! I'll be signing planners and double checking that they have put their lunches into their bags all the while trying to get ready myself. I'll be kissing them bye and wishing them a good day at school as I go off to work. I often wonder if I'm the only mom who leaves each Monday morning, dreaming of a world where they could stay home with their kids? I wonder if it's one of the secrets of a working mom?
Time to get the kids in their pj's and ready to settle for the night. I'm planning on getting a nice bubble bath and maybe a glass of wine to relax before Monday morning. And so it begins......

My Life!

As I had a spare moment, I thought I would write a bit more about myself. I have been married now for almost 13 years! Crazy! The time has gone by so fast! I had my first child 9 months and 2 days after our wedding! People still tease me about that! My daughter came 18 months after our first child and Caleb, my youngest, was born 23 months after our daughter. Our life was very busy, but wonderful! I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom while my kids were young. I was able to be there for their first steps, first words, injuries and cuddles! As they got older, and life became so much more expensive, it was time for me to re-join the work force! I started by working with special needs kids out of my home. This still allowed me to be with my own kids! Eventually, I was able to get part time work as a teachers assistant. I loved this job as it provided the opportunity to work in the school that my kids attended and also allowed me to have the same days off as them! No babysitters needed!!!
After being a teachers assistant for a few years, I felt like it was time for a change! I was fortunate enough to get the job that I have now! I love the work that I do, but can find it difficult to balance life and work! My goal in writing this blog, is to focus on the good things in life! It can be too easy to complain about the chaos of life and the never-ending demands that each day brings! Today I am happy for my family and my job! There are many people who would do anything to find employment! I am grateful for what I have! I am also happy for raindrops and wind! It has made for a cozy day inside!

Hello World!

I am married with three children and work full time out of the home. After my day of work, taking care of my children, sports, meals, laundry and all of the other daily activities that need to be taken care of, I feel that there is not a lot left of me to give. I have thought about blogging for some time, and decided to give it a go. I'm hoping by sharing the events of my day, it will give me time to reflect on the good moments of the day and appreciate all that I have. I look forward to hearing from other moms on how they stay organized and SANE as they get through their busy weeks! Today was a really good day! I am fortunate enough to have every second Friday off of work. I began the day by getting the kids ready for school and dropping them off. On our way, we stopped for some coffee for me and some treats for the kids to bring to school. They were super excited about that! I then spent some time cleaning my house and enjoying some quiet time! I had a lunch date planned with one of my was so lovely!!! By the time we had finished chatting about all of the recent events in our lives, it was time to go home to meet the kids at the bus! After hearing about their days, it was time to move on to the evening activities! It was actually a fairly quiet day at our home! My daughter had dance, but the other two didn't have any sports today! It was very nice to just have to drive to ONE place instead of 2 or 3! I love that my kids are involved, but sometimes I really appreciate the quiet days!!