Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rainy Sunday

Another rainy day in the Wack. We have already done our grocery shopping for the week, went to the dollar store for some paints so that Adam could finish his homework, went to Future Shop, my moms house and Matt has taken Caleb to Hope for the last game of his hockey tournament. It's been a busy Sunday so far. I'm at home again with a mountain of laundry in front of me! I think laundry is my most dreaded never seems to end!
I think when Matt gets home, we're going to have a cozy day inside. Maybe rent a couple of movies and curl up on the couch under some blankets with some popcorn. It feels like a stay inside kind of a day! As much as the rain can get to you after a while,  rainy days give you permission to stay indoors and do nothing! Although I am very much looking forward to spring, I am going to take advantage of the weather today, and relax!

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