Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Spring Break

Anna is coming home tonight! As it is Spring Break, she was invited to spend two nights with my cousin and her three little girls. Anna was so excited and was really looking forward to it! I was glad that she got to go and had the chance to spend some time with just girls! Having two brothers, sometimes the activities in our home are geared more towards them, than they are for her. She got to watch girly movies, make cupcakes and spend some time with a little baby. I'm sure that Anna loved every minute of it!
I'm surprised at how much I've missed her and how anxious I am to see her! Without Anna at home, it has completely changed the dynamics. I miss sitting with her in the evening and talking about her day. I miss her helping me around the house and I miss just having her here to cuddle with. I am a very lucky mom to have a daughter like her. She'll be home in about an hour and I can't wait!
While she was away, I texted my cousin to check on how everything was going. Everything was going great, and my cousin was enjoying having Anna there. She replied with such a nice text stating "it's nice to see how much Anna loves you and she hopes that her girls love her that much when they are older". It was so nice to hear that Anna conveyed such a love of her parents to others!
I sometimes think what it would be like if we didn't have children. At times, I imagine Matt and I travelling and exploring the world. I imagine us living in a big beautiful home and having nice things, but there's so much more to life than that! I could not imagine a world where I'm not greeted at the end of a work day with big smiles and stories about their day, a world woken up with good mornings and kisses, a world where I didn't get to tuck my kids into bed at night. I'm a pretty lucky mom!

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