Thursday, 27 September 2012

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Life is so crazy! September started with a bang and we're just starting to get back into a routine! Anna and Caleb are in soccer and we just registered Anna in Acro as well. Adam has decided to just play school sports this year. Our week for sports involves dance Monday night, soccer Tuesday and Wednesday nights and then two games on Saturdays. This is the first year that our boys aren't playing hockey. I have to say, it's kind of strange not being at the rink and being a part of it. I do miss watching them play and being a part of hockey! I have to say though, that I am loving how much more time we have! I don't miss the 6 am practices before school and the constant practices and games! I love that this year, every Sunday can be a family day as there are no sports! Yay!
I am still off work. It's almost surreal how much time I've had at home. It has been so long since I've been a  'stay-at-home' mom. I had a doctors appointment last week and was sent for an assessment with another doctor. It looks like I may have no, or very little, functioning muscles in my lower back....kind of scary! I go for a bone scan next Tuesday. In some ways, I'm hoping that something shows up so that we can deal with it, but in other ways, I don't want anything to show up cause that can be a bit overwhelming! Oh well! We'll just have to wait and see!
Last weekend, Matt and I were able to get away for a night to Whistler with some friends. This is the first time we've been to Whistler...I know..crazy hey, since we live so close!!!! Anyways, we loved it!! It is so beautiful! I loved sitting in the village and just people watching! I love to see the different fashions that people wear and just the complete mix of people! LOVE it!!!! I can't wait to bring the kids there one day!
Matt is away for a few days. Adam is in grade 7 and each year, the grade 7 class goes on an outdoor education trip. Matt had the chance to go as well as a volunteer! They are having a blast! I love that Matt gets to be a part of it and that Adam wants him to be there with him! I feel very fortunate that our kids still love having us involved in their lives. Everyone keeps saying that it will come to an end eventually....I hope not, though! I know that, as they grow, of course they'll want their freedom and independence. I know that they'll want to be with their friends more than they want to be with us. I hope, though, that they will always want to confide in us and talk with us. I hope, because our family is so important to us, the kids will feel the same way!

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