Sunday, 1 April 2012

Life lessons

There are so many lessons in life that, as a parent, we are responsible for teaching our kids. Some of them are as simple as brushing your teeth, how to do laundry and how to make a basic meal. Many lessons though, are lessons that will help guide them to be the adults that they will grow into. The lessons that we teach them, hopefully, will help them grow into happy, self-sufficient adults with the skills needed to be content with who they are. I decided to make a list of some of the lessons that I hope I will be able to teach my children.

1) Family is Forever-  Family includes the people that you can turn to and trust when you feel like there's no where to go.  Family is a place where there is always forgiveness and understanding. Your family loves you the most and is the place where you don't have to explain yourself. Family will love you when you fail and when you succeed.

2) Honesty and Integrity- Always be honest and tell the truth.  Honour and integrity should be used in any decision that you make in your life, whether big or small. When all is said and done, all you have is your word.

3) Treat people the way you want to be treated- Make sure that you're not so self-centered that you forget to see what's around you. Make sure to think about others and ask others how they are. Remember to treat others with respect and kindness, and you in turn, will receive the same. The world is a big place and you need to be involved. Find passion in something and run with it. Be conscious of people who have less than you.

4) Faith- Always have Faith in God. Faith can help you through situations that may seem impossible. Faith gives you strength and a solid foundation in which to live your life.

5) Have fun- Skateboard, scooter, play basketball, soccer, dance; whatever you enjoy doing, do it! Take advantage of every opportunity you have to enjoy life! As you get older, life can get extremely busy and it is so important to stop and smell the roses! When you have kids of your own, do these activities with them! Get outside and play!

6) Don't be greedy- Please don't be fooled by consumerism and fall into the trap of wanting what's bigger, better, best. Be happy and content with what you have!

7) Be who you are- To my daughter, please don't play stupid or dumb to get attention. Be who you are. Show the world your intelligence, and be proud of it! To all of my children, please don't follow the crowd. It's good to be different and unique and to have thoughts that are your own. Be confident in who you are and have respect for yourself.

8) Modesty- To my daughter, modesty is much more attractive than showing off everything that is yours. Don't be fooled into thinking that in order to get attention, you have to dress provocatively or act inappropriately. You are beautiful inside and out!

9) Etiquette- To my sons, please be respectful to women. Open the doors for them and take your hat off when you enter a room. To all my children, be polite and show your manners. It's amazing how far a simple thank you will go.

10) Beautiful- You are all beautiful children. Anna, you are beautiful just the way you are. You may be told at some point in your life either through advertisements, magazines or the T.V. that you are not thin enough, tall enough or good enough. That is not true. Believe in yourself and be strong in who you are. Adam and Caleb, be good, honest boys and men. Treat everyone well and stick up for the underdogs. Treat your girlfriends well and if you get get married, treat your wife the way your dad treats me.

I am so very lucky to be a mom and I truly hope that I will be able to teach my children these lessons and values! The world is a crazy, wonderful place and I want to ensure that I have provided them with the tools necessary to be happy, successful members of society!


  1. Great advice to your children. I hope they heed it.

  2. Thank you! I hope they heed it as well!