Thursday, 19 April 2012

Thursday thoughts!

I love Thursdays! Whenever I'm at work, I get so excited when it's Thursday. People sometimes think I'm crazy as I get so excited over a day of the week that's not a weekend day. Thursdays are the best day of the work week, though. I love the anticipation that Thursday's hold. Everyone is excited because it's almost Friday. The end of the week is near. Everyone is looking forward to their weekend plans and activities. You know that you only have one more day of work before the fun can begin!
This weekend should be pretty good! Friday night Anna has dance. Other than that, we'll have a pretty chill evening. On Saturday, we're supposed to go to a fundraiser at our kids school. It's called Monte Carlo Night and we always have a blast when we go. It's actually a pretty amazing set up! A company comes in and sets up a mini casino! You play with play money and can win some awesome prizes!We haven't yet decided though, if we're going to go this year. We're feeling pretty tired and feel like it's just one more thing that we have to go to. Hmmm, I know once we get there, we'll have a blast. Unfortunately, sometimes the work it takes to get there, seems to be too much. We'll have to wait and see what Saturday brings!
Sunday, Matt has to take the van to a friend's house to have some work done on it. I'll stay home with the kids and hang out. We'll all be anxiously waiting for the evening so that we can watch the Canucks game! I can't wait to watch the game!!! So exciting!!!

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