Saturday, 19 May 2012

Long weekend

May long weekend! The unofficial beginning of summer and the weather is beautiful! Matt has gone fishing for the weekend, so it's me and the kids! We started the weekend with the kids having sleepovers. Everyone is home now and ready to enjoy the day in the backyard!
I'm thinking of starting some of my Spring cleaning today! I am planning on doing a complete overhaul on the house; bedrooms, closets and the basement. I don't know how much of that I'll actually accomplish, but I figure the thought is good and hopefully the motivation will come!
The other night, I decided to clean out my inbox in my email account, the beginning of my de-cluttering- I receive so many emails at work, that when I get home and look at my personal email, it can get overwhelming. I decided to delete every single email in my account. 7000 emails later and my inbox is clean!!! Now if I could just delete the mess in my house with a push of a button, my life would be made!
Lately the kids have been really into learning magic tricks. It's so amazing to watch their imaginations run wild and their concentration as they're learning new tricks. They have shown me how they can levitate, read my mind and turn one ball into two! They're actually getting quite good at their tricks!
Time for me to go outside with the kids! Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday!

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