Friday, 11 May 2012


Friday! Thank goodness! It's been a crazy week, but a good week. Adam and Anna both had an overnight field trip on Wednesday to Victoria .They had to be on the bus Wednesday at 4 in the morning. I was tired to say the least! They got home last night around 7:15 and were so excited to show us the pictures they had taken. We had given them each some spending money. Adam came home with a gift for Caleb and Anna came home with a gift for me and Matt. It was so sweet!
We had all of the kids in bed by about 8:45. Adam had another field trip today. This time to UBC for a Science challenge and had to be up by 5:15! He's going to be tired tonight!
Tomorrow we'll be heading to Bear Creek Park for a track meet! I love going there and the kids have a blast! It has been difficult this year trying to figure out the schedule, though. The same day as the track meet, Adam was invited to a birthday party and Anna has dance pictures. We decided that it was more important for Adam to go to the track meet as he made a commitment to the team. He's fine with that and looking forward to his runs tomorrow. We are still trying to figure out what to do with Anna. Her pictures are at 1:30 so we're thinking of leaving a bit early from the meet so that she can be at her pics on time. She really wants to stay, though as the last event is the relay which she is in! Argh!!! I really don't like it when activities overlap!
Sunday is Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to sleeping in and having a day at home with my family! Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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