Tuesday, 22 May 2012

13 Years!

I3 years ago I got married! I can't believe that 13 years have passed and we are celebrating another anniversary! 13 years ago, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous hot Saturday! I remember waking up on the morning of my wedding day and being so excited. I could not wait to start my life as Mrs. Jaime King!
I woke up and had a nice long bath. Me and my bridesmaids then went and got our hair done and came home to finish getting ready. The time couldn't go fast enough. When the time finally came for us to head to the church, the bridesmaids went in a vehicle, my mom went in one and my dad was driving me to the church in his truck. Matt and I did not have the money for limos or anything fancy, but I loved it! On the way to the church, it gave my dad and I some time to talk. My parents both loved Matt and I never felt that they thought I was making a wrong decision. During our conversation on the way to the church, my dad said to me 'it's not too late to turn around'. I know he did not mean it in the sense that he didn't like Matt or that he thought I shouldn't get married. He asked to make sure that I was one hundred percent sure in my decision and to let me know that he would support me in any decision that I made. I did not hesitate for a moment and told my dad to keep driving to the church! My dad was very happy with that decision!
I have not regretted my decision to go to the church and get married for a second! We have 3 beautiful kids together and have made a wonderful life! We still laugh together and have fun.We enjoy each others company and miss each other when we are not together. I feel very fortunate, that 13 years later, we still have an amazing relationship and we couldn't imagine being with anyone else! Happy Anniversary Matt!!!

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