Sunday, 6 March 2016

Spring Break

Spring break is finally here! We've been counting down the days for the past couple of weeks.
On Friday evening, we had the awards night for Rep Soccer. I had been asking Anna if she wanted to go for quite a while. Her answer was always no. I had decided that I wasn't going to push it, even though I really wanted her to attend! I worry sometimes that she feels like she is so far removed from her old life. I don't want her to feel that way. She said she didn't feel like she had contributed to the team and didn't feel like she should be with them. I explained that of course she was a part of the team! She was a rock star in their summer tournament and fought hard when she was able to play. She continued playing week after week even though she was getting pulled off the field when her body wouldn't cooperate. She went to games and sat on the sidelines even though she desperately wanted to be on the field. She was a huge contributor!! Thankfully, Thursday night, a teammate of Anna's convinced her to go! I'm always so happy when she does things that she would normally do before this illness attacked her body.
Last night, she went to a friends house to sleep over. I was a bit apprehensive because I know if she does too much, her body will give out. At the same time, she is a 14 year old girl who has to live life! I texted her throughout the night to make sure she was feeling good, and she was fine. Matt and I were just about to head to bed at 11:30 when I get the text that she's not feeling very well....ahhh. I called her cell and we chatted for a bit. She said she thought she was well enough to stay over and was hoping that once she fell asleep, she would be fine. We hung up with the promise that if she started to feel worse, to just call home. 2 am comes, and my cell rings waking Matt and I up from a dead sleep. Dread was the feeling that came to mind. Anna was super sick and needed to come home. Matt jumped into his car while I talked with Anna. She was sick. Dysautonomia makes her so ill. They got home and Anna jumped into bed. She slept until almost noon today.
I am hoping this Spring Break goes well. I'm hoping that Anna has some good days where we can get out and enjoy the days. I'm hoping she has days where she's not vomiting or doesn't have a splitting headache. If she can't, that's ok too. That's her reality.

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