Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just a quick note.....

I haven't had a chance lately to get on to the computer to write. Life has been super, crazy busy!!! Thought I'd just write a quick note! This past weekend, Anna had her end of the year dance recital.Her dance recital was the same evening that she was supposed to play at the half-time game of the Vancouver Whitecaps. It was such a difficult decision deciding on what event she should go to .She really wanted to do both so badly but they were the same night at the same time. As we never get an opportunity to watch her dance we thought it was best that she go to the end of the year show. As well, she didn't want to let down her group of dancers and not show up. It was amazing!!! So much better than I thought it would be. It ended up going a lot later than I thought, too! I was expecting to be home around 10:00 pm but we didn't end up getting home until about 11:30. We were tired to say the least!
Saturday was spent getting things done around the house..what else is new! Saturday evening we had some friends over. It was a blast! We sat outside on the deck and chatted and laughed! I love spending evenings like that.
Sunday was my dads birthday. We had all of the family over to our house to celebrate. My birthday is tomorrow, so we celebrated mine as well. Before I knew it, another weekend was done! It amazes me every weekend how fast they go!
Because it's my birthday tomorrow, Matt has made dinner reservations for us to go out to my favourite restaurant!! So looking forward to it. For the past few months, I have been asking Matt for a new camera.I have wanted to learn photography and wanted a digital SLR camera.On the weekend, he surprised me with one! I am so excited to start taking pictures with it and to learn more about photography!
Anyways, gotta run! Hope to write more later!

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