Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fun in the Sun...

Road trip! Tomorrow we leave on our road trip down the Oregon Coast to California! We're so excited for the day to come. Bags are packed and ready to go! Matt will pick me up at 4:30 once I'm finished work, and we'll be on our way! Can't wait!!! Before we leave, I thought I would write another post.
 A couple of months ago, we headed up to Cultus Lake for a fun photo shoot with my friend, and amazing photographer, Lori Johnson . We decided to take some photos at an old run down gas station and deserted house. We had a blast! The kids loved exploring and thought it was so neat that they got to walk through a house that was abandoned. I thought I'd share some of the pictures that were taken while we were having fun in the sun! Thanks Lori for such a fun day!


  1. these pictures are fabulous, Jaime! Where is this place? I want to do our next family shots there!

    1. She did such a good job, didn't she! The pics were taken at an old run down gas station on the way up to Cultus Lake! The kids had a blast up there!