Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Snapping pictures

The chaos is almost over. The school lunches, early morning wake up for the kids, bus rides, homework; the every day routine that is exhausting! Six more days of school and then it's summer holidays for the kids! I am so excited for that! Of course I'm excited for my own two weeks off, but am just so ready for a break from the regular routine. The weeks seem to be going so slow and the days going even slower. I know it seems like that because I am so anxious for holidays to start!
Today after work, the kids decided they wanted to get at the camera. Dinner was done, lunches made and the house was in somewhat decent shape so we headed out to the backyard to have some fun. They wanted to take some pics of me to play around with the camera! Here are some of the shots they took! As I look back at the pics that have been posted so far on my blog, they are all of the kids! I figured this blog is about the secrets of a working mom, and maybe I should include some pictures of me as well, so here they are! We had fun in the backyard and in the house while everyone took turns snapping away!

Hugs for mom!

Anna and me hanging out on the deck!

I LOVE my coffee!

Me brushing out Anna's hair after the shower.

Always time for a kiss....even if they're zoned out at a t.v. show!

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