Sunday, 17 June 2012

Odds and Ends...

Sunday. The weekend is over once again. This weekend was full of rainy days and puddles. Full of days laying on the couch cuddling and watching movies.
This weekend began with us hanging out Friday night. I was in the living room with the kids just watching a movie and talking to them about their day. Out of the blue, my daughter says to me, " Mom, how much were TV's in the olden days. You know, when you were little?" I couldn't help but laugh! I answered the question but added the response 'I'm not THAT old!'
Saturday we lazed around the house. A pretty typical rainy Saturday. We seem to be having a lot of those days lately! I must admit I'm kind of getting tired of the gloomy weather. We spent a lot of Saturday talking about our upcoming trip to California. Two more weeks and we get to hit the road for our long awaited road trip. I think we're all super anxious to see some sunshine and feel some warmth on our skin! It's going to be fantastic! We organized some odds and ends to start prepping for our vacation.

Sunday of course, was Father's Day! The kids made some lovely homemade cards for Matt. We went up to the lake and went to the park. Along the way, we stopped at a thrift store....Thanks Matt! We're now all cuddled up again on the couch watching a movie. All of my kids love any movie that involves either skateboarding or surfing...we're watching a surfing one tonight!

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