Tuesday, 5 April 2016

To be honest, the last few days have been rough....well actually the last few weeks have been rough! Anna seems to have deteriorated quite a bit and we're not really sure why. She used to have some really good days, but those are becoming fewer and fewer. She only made it to school a couple of days in the past two weeks. This week, she went yesterday and then had to be picked up by 10 am. She stayed home today and most likely will be too sick for school tomorrow. Basically, in three weeks, she's attended school three days....unbelievable! Last night Anna crawled into our bed at 1:30 in the morning. She was dizzy, lightheaded, cold, shaky...you know, all the lovely symptoms that a person with dysautonomia has :(  Before she went to bed last night, she was begging me to help her. It is so difficult not having any answers and no one to turn to. There is absolutely nothing that I can do. We tried calling the drs office this morning to see if we could get her in, but there was no way. I called her cardiologist this evening and left a message. I'm hoping I hear back from him tomorrow. I am desperate for any suggestions to help Anna get through this.

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