Sunday, 7 February 2016

Where it all started

Hey! So it's been over two years since I've last written anything on this blog. I have been contemplating the last couple of weeks on whether or not I should start writing again. I keep telling myself that I won't have the time needed to put into it, but then realized that it doesn't really matter. I can write when I want and if I don't get to it, that's ok too! This past year has been a crazy one and sometimes writing things out, makes things just a little bit clearer to me!
I'll go back to last summer...the summer of 2015. It was a typical summer. The kids were off on vacation, as was I! We did our annual camping trip up to Cultus and had many bbqs with friends. Anna joined a Soccer Tournament Team so we spent a couple of weekends in the U.S. She ended up breaking her wrist in one of the tournaments. Thank goodness it was close enough to Canada that Matt booked it across the border with her and she was seen in our local hospital! Insurance scares me and I had no idea if we were actually covered...I could only envision thousands of dollars in hospital bills! Anyways, she recovered fine from that and we enjoyed the rest of summer.
September came. The beginning of a new school year. Adam started grade 10, Anna grade 9 and Caleb grade 7. With the beginning of a new school year of course brings the new season of sports! Anna made Gold Rep Team for soccer and she was pumped! She had been to a tournament the last weekend of august and played great! The first week in September, I dropped her off for practice as I always do. She's at an age now where I don't have to stay for the practice which is great! I can use the time to get some other stuff done. I had dropped her off and had gone home to do some cleaning. About a half hour of being home, my cell phone rings. The same time as my cell is ringing, my landline starts going off as well. I answer my cell and it's a parent of one of Anna's teammates....she's actually a great friend of ours! Anyways, I answer the phone and am told that Anna is not doing well and we need to get to the field to pick her up. I was a little confused because she was absolutely fine when I had dropped her off! I rushed out of the house and honestly expected her to be absolutely fine by the time I got to the field. I showed up to the soccer pitch and walked towards where she was practicing. I expected her to come walking towards me. Instead, I was met with her coach basically almost carrying her off the field. She had no strength and was almost in a daze. I asked Anna what happened. She said all of a sudden she couldn't see anything and couldn't hear anything. She remembered asking her teammate for help but couldn't actually hear herself speak. She said everything went blank. Apparently Anna was saying things that didn't really make a whole lot of sense. Fortunately her coach was close by and lowered her to the ground before she hit it. I decided to take Anna to the emergency room. I had no idea what had happened. At the ER, she had an ECG. We were sent home and the Dr said he would call later that evening. About 11:00 that night I received the call from the Dr. He said everything looked good. He told us that borderline prolonged qt had shown up, but apparently borderline qt shows up quite often. Unfortunately, we had recently found out that a few people in our family have prolonged qt so I was a bit worried. I thanked the dr and said I would do a follow up with our family physician. This was the beginning of a long road with much heartache and lots of confusion, tears, ambulance rides and a new life for all of us. An episode on the soccer field has changed everything. This is her story.

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