Thursday, 21 November 2013

The sun is shining! It is beautiful, but so cold! These fall days are my favourite, though! Nice and crisp and refreshing! I'm going to enjoy it before the rainy days come!
I'm home from work today because Caleb is sick. I hate when any of the kids are sick, but today, it has given me an opportunity to get some things done around the house. I was feeling a bit like my house looked like a tornado had passed through it! I have found lately that as soon as I walk in the door, I'm off to the kids sporting events or school meetings or driving someone somewhere and I never get the chance to actually clean! Today was my day! Now to just keep it this way for the next few weeks would be great!
As I haven't written anything for a few weeks, here's a recap. Adam got his first report card since entering high school. He's always been a hard worker and put a lot of effort into his school work, but I was amazed when he brought his report card home. Straight A's! I'm a very proud mom! Out of those A's, his math mark was 97%!!! For me, who always struggled with math, I couldn't believe it! He's doing so well!
Adam also has started to play basketball on his high school grade eight team. I'm trying to convince him to pick jersey # 20 as that was my number when I played. I'm thinking he doesn't really thinks it's cool to be the same as his mom! He told me he's going to try and get # 11.
Anna and Caleb haven't yet received a report card this year. I'm sure there's will be great too! They're both playing soccer and they're loving it! Caleb is the top scorer on his team and Anna is one of the top as well. 
A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to go to a yoga class. I thought for sure that I could do it. I always assumed yoga was relaxing and peaceful. Did I ever have a rude awakening!!! I walked into the class with my friend. This was the first time either of us had ever tried yoga and we were both completely naive in what we were expecting! We walked in, rolled out our mats, and got all comfy, ready to relax. About 15 other people were in the class. They were stretching and laying on their mat waiting for the instructor. She came in, turned the lights off, and turned some soothing music on. I was ready!!! Before long, people were in the most uncomfortable positions, legs everywhere. I tried some moves, and just about died! During one of the stretches, my legs, and my friends legs, were so shaky and wobbly I thought for sure there must be an earthquake going on!We both just about broke out in laughter in the middle of the class. Once it was done, and we were able to move our legs again, we realized this was advanced yoga......maybe next time we'll start with a beginner session!
We are in the full swing of things trying to get ready for Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I'm trying to convince everyone that we should put our tree up December 1st.....not sure if Matt's on board yet!
Gotta run!! My sick boy is calling!!! Enjoy this beautiful sunshine!!!!

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