Thursday, 28 November 2013

I was recently approached by a fellow blogger in regards to writing about being thankful for the things that we have. Heather, who writes the blog , is an eight year survivor of mesothelioma- a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. She is on a mission to spread awareness of this cancer by sharing her story. She was diagnosed in the month of November and now, every November, created '30 Days of Thankfulness' where she acknowledges something that she is thankful for. She approached me asking if I would do a blog post acknowledging something that I am thankful for! Of course I said yes!
I guess it is difficult for me though, to only acknowledge one thing that I am thankful for. I have so many blessings in my life in which I am grateful.
I am grateful for my children. I am thankful for the chaos that they bring into our lives. I am thankful for the joy and love and constant business that they give us. I am thankful for their own unique personalities that keep us laughing and keep us connected as a family.
I am thankful for my parents. I am thankful for the childhood they gave me and the never ending support and love they give to me, my kids and to Matt.
I am thankful for my siblings. My sister, who, although we may not always see eye to eye, is someone that is always there for me and is such a huge part of my life!
My brother and my sister-in-law who have given me two beautiful nephews to love and to cherish. They have given me someone to talk to when I am alone and who always brings me such comfort.
My two other brothers who keep me on my toes!
My aunts, uncles and cousins who are a constant joy in our lives! I am so thankful that whenever we get together, we get to sing, dance and have a wonderful time together! I am so grateful that our crazy family enjoys so much just being together and appreciating each other's company. From Ontario, Alberta, Vancouver Island and the lower mainland-we all love each other!
My mother-in-law who, although she lives a distance away, always thinks of us and remembers the important dates in our lives!
I am so thankful for my husband who often times gets up early just so that he has time to go to our local Tim Horton's so that I wake up to a fresh cup of coffee. A husband who always makes me feel beautiful even on the days when I am definitely not feeling that way! A husband who has bathed babies, changed diapers, done laundry, dishes, washed floors, and who now takes kids to the pool and to sporting events and who is just always willing to do anything to be a great dad and a great husband. How lucky am I ?
There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for and there is no way to mention it all. I have lived through losses of special people, illnesses of loved ones and hurt that life can bring. Through it all, there is always something that is good, something that is beyond us and something we should be thankful for!

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