Monday, 30 September 2013

We Survived!

Well September is almost over and we have survived! We have survived the first day of school, homework, sports practices and games, making lunches and just being organized.  Thank goodness! I find September always starts with a bang and it takes a while to get into the swing of things. We have our routine down now and all is good!
Adam started high school this year. I can't believe that I have a child in high school!!! It still seems unbelievable! He is loving it and has settled in nicely. He's made a bunch of new friends and seems to be embracing his new opportunities! I love it!
I am also back at work. I am truly enjoying getting up each day and having something to do. I do admit though, that I am missing my days at home. I am missing having all of the laundry complete before the kids come home. I am missing having a clean house, a dinner that is prepared and lunches that aren't thrown together. I am missing just having some time alone. On the other hand, I know I have it really good and I know that so many other families are doing the same thing. Just trying to get through each day the best that they can. So many families rushing in the door after working and trying to prepare a healthy dinner, trying to help with the kids homework and trying to put a load of wash in so the kids have some clean clothes to wear! Everyone is just trying their best! So if you come over, and you see a plate of french fries and chicken strips, know that that was my best that day!

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