Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What a crazy week it's been! Crazy but good! Caleb turned ten on Monday. I can't believe all of my children are now in double digits. Shocking! We celebrated his birthday by going for lunch to a restaurant of his choice, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Who doesn't need a little grease in the afternoon!! That evening, my dad needed a bit of help from Matt, so we headed over to my parents for a delicious dinner and some ice cream cake for dessert. Caleb was in Heaven! Caleb is currently collecting loonies, so as a gift, we gave him a roll of them. Matt's mom, who the kids lovingly call 'Grandma on the highway', sent down $50.00 which we turned into loonies as well. Caleb was in complete disbelief to get $75.00! I think he has now saved $144.00.....all in loonies!
This week we are also pet sitting a two year old lab/golden retriever  named Buddy! He is such a sweet dog and the kids adore him! The kids walk him every day and play with him constantly in the back's really nice to see them interact so nicely with him!
The first night Buddy was with us, I thought he would maybe sleep on the floor in our room or one of the kids rooms. Were Matt and I ever surprised when we crawled into bed at 11:00 pm and Buddy followed us, put his paws on the bed, and jumped up right between us! I guess we have a new sleeping buddy for the next week!

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